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Manual/Semi Automatic Manifold Systems

CAREVEL semi-automatic /manual manifold systems mainly used at small and medium hospitals. For large Hospitals and Medical Colleges we offer automatic Manifold Systems.

When using the medical gas manifold, several cylinders need to be connected to the manifold pipeline. The  gas is first filtered and decompressed,  and then transported through the main pipe to the end of use. The function of the secondary regulator is to stabilize the outlet gas flow of the main pipeline.

CGA standard adapter port and inlet connection thread. Cleaned for medical Oxygen, Air, N2O, CO2 gas. Open type manifold connector cylinder number according to the client request. 


  • Applicable gas: O2, Air, CO2, N2, and N2O, etc.
  • High flow capacity regulator
  • Open style cylinder number according to the client request
  • Pass the pressurization testing, welded in silver, much safety and stable
  • Wall mount simplifies installation, easy installed
  • Size of the connecting hose is customized
  • CGA4.1 and ISO15001 Standard
  • Maximum pressure 3,000 psi

MGPS Products Category


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