Features and Benefits

·         Frame Structure is made up of CRCA Tubes.

·         Heavy duty non-staining, precision ball bearing swivel castors of 200 mm diameter with high-grade synthetic body for easy maneuverability.

·         Foot operated and centrally actuated lever at head and foot ends with multistage switching for total lock, direction lock or free mobility

·         Gas spring assisted seamless adjustment of Backrest.

·         Knee Rest can be adjusted via Crank Mechanism as well as Rachet Mechanism.

·         Convenient Height adjustment, Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg Positions can be achieved via high quality Dual Column hydraulic pump with foot operated levers on either side of the trolley.

·         Two section mattress platform made of X-Ray permeable Pre-laminated Board, Supported on Strong Tubular Frame with removable stretcher

·         Sliding X-Ray cassette holder throughout the length of the trolley.

·         Fully collapsible and individually operated safety side railings.

·         Push pull handles on either side with rubber grippers.

·         Provision of mounting heavy-duty IV pole at four locations

·         Safety rubber buffer at four Corners

·         Ample storage space

·         Rexene covered two section PU foam mattress; 50 mm thick

·         Dust Protective Base Cover with Oxygen Cylinder Holder.

·         Overall Dimensions: 2150 mm L X 820 mm W

·         Mattress Platform Size 1900 mm L X 630 mm W

·         Back rest tilt: 0 - 65 degree

·         Knee rest tilt: 0 - 35 degree    

·         Trendelenburg/ Reverse Trendelenburg: 0 - 15 degree

·         Minimum Height: 620 mm Maximum Height: 920 mm

·         All Metal Components are Pretreated and Epoxy Powder Coated.

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