·                     Mattress area divided into 4 sections made up of CRCA Sheet.

·                     Detachable Polymer Molded head and foot bows provide a soothing look.

·                     Provided with four sectional polymer molded safety side rails with angle indicators.

·                     Major Features include: Backrest, Knee rest, Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg, Height Adjustment Position maneuverable by four separate linear actuators which are operated through Patient Control Unit.

·                     Dual Side Lever for Manual CPR.

·                     Provided with Corner PU buffers to absorb impact and reduce damage during handling.

·                     Provided with Heavy duty IV Pole having provision of fixing on four locations.

·                     Provided with twin wheel heavy duty Diagonal Locking Castors Wheels of 125 mm dia for smooth mobility with control.

·                     The complete metal components are Pretreated and Epoxy powder coated.  

·                     Overall Dimensions: 2200 mm L X 1020 mm W

·                     Frame Size: 2100 mm L x 900 mm W

·                     Back rest tilt: 0 - 75 degree

·                     Knee rest tilt: 0 - 35 degree    

·                     Trendelenburg/ Reverse Trendelenburg: 0 - 12 degree

·                     Minimum Height: 450 mm Maximum Height: 750 mm

Optional Accessories

·                     Mattress (Size 1930 mm X 900 mm X 100 mm)

·                     X-Ray Permeable Backrest

·                     Central Locking Wheels (150 mm)

·                     Dust Protective Base Cover

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